"TRIPLE GODDESS" from the album "WAVE TWISTERS ZERO: Origins" (version 2.0)


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The oldest of all the Origins... from an ancient past, deep within the inner space galaxies, come the goddesses of love & death! Spread throughout their cosmos, searching for planets infested with evil... these destroyer goddesses, with multiple arms, would send many different colored orbs of light throughout different star systems to find any threats to peaceful worlds. When an overly hostile and corrupt civilization is discovered, one goddess would travel there with her armies to destroy and kill off any negative entities along with their cities and lands. Many non evil entities are quickly identified and taken aboard crafts to safety, usually to a nearby moon base. After the cleansing of that planet’s disease, they would return after some time to the renewed virgin world for reseeding, and also the importing of many beautiful life forms from all over the galaxies for a fresh start. Destroyer goddesses’ angel helpers were known to magically sing into existence, many mysterious stone works of art and power structures that dotted the land along the planet’s energy points and chakras... 


Later in an alternate future, one particular destroyer goddess had a third side to her... she wished to forget she was a goddess and experience life as a humanoid fighting the war as a simple soldier in one of her own armies. As a mortal, she can be killed in combat, but since she's also a goddess, she can be reborn infinitely. . .

(You’ll spot her as the silver skinned “Lieutenant Mantra" aboard the same ship when the Wave Twisters Crew first encounters the “Red Worm”!)


Stay tuned for another origin episode coming sooner than you think!




Producer: qb

Art: @morningbreathinc

Mixed by @maliciouslee, Q & Megasonic

Galactic Butthair Records

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