"ORIGINS" Wave Twisters 0̸ (C Side Digital Album) uncensored tracks #11-14 from the LP!


$ 1.50

Part 3!!!

We continue our journey in the past and listen to the origin adventures for these exciting characters from the Wave Twisters inner space universe!!!


11. Thrashcan

Aka Rubbish
Before being reprogrammed as the cute helpful rapping mini-mech we all know and love, he was originally made to be a sharp shooting scout drone for incoming invasions. Rolls with a mean gang called "Cans O’ Woop Ass”.


12. Triple Goddess

Aka Mantra
Goddess of Love and Death. Destroyer of infected worlds and creator of paradise planets. Sometimes taking on human form to live the simple mortal life. Heavily into MMA (mixing martial arts). Also digs pop-locking, and eating sushi. 


13. Chin Head

Aka Cosmic Assassin
Lab grown upside down, these agent provocateur/body guards do the dirty work for the evil worms. They are brainwashed by wack music fed to the masses on their Tell-U-Vision sets which glorify evil as good. Great at being bullies, but poorly lit in the brain.


14. Head Hunter
Aka Massacre

Head executioner for Lord Ook and the Red Worm. The Headhunter takes care of those who partake in the banished arts of true Hip Hop. His blade (The Battle Wax) is made from a rare giant platinum record.




All thanks to God, and you the fader fans!

Manifested by QB

Track 1. Co produced by DJ Hard Rich

Track 2. Beat by DJ IQ Handroids

Addition Production: Hector Delgado (ASAP) on Dreamz 

All skratching and all other tracks Produced by QB

All tracks mixed by Malicious Lee

Megasonic and QB

Art by @morningbreathinc


Management team:







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