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46 Electromagnetic Fever Breaks

Like sick skratch combos, this cold goes over heads! Plus watch WISDOM OF WAX on youtube.com/thudrumble for all Q’s skratch secrets!

Track 1. Trojan Spikes

Produced by Phazemega

Track 2. Surprise From Overseas

Produced by Da Hawaiian Dinosaur

Track 3. Telephone Pole Dancers

Produced by Clone of Sokbot

Track 4.  Cough It Up

Produced by Dj OnQ

Track 5. Deer Antler Dealer

Produced by Fart Bucket

Track 6.  Wifi Attack

Produced by Spaghetti Seal

Track 7. EleKtrik Karsik

Produced by Phazemega


For your skratching pleasure! Another new unreleased #dirtstyle record add-on for your 30th Anniversary Dirt Style Dictionary! These are our favorite tracks to kill the kuts with! All dusty and grimy beats molded by your favorite Dirt Style Producers: 

#darthfader @phazemega @goldvoltron #djlambchop #djgrandmasterpepe, Shortkut, #spaghettiseal #Sokbot, Clone of Sokbot, KnoWhai, DJ Hypnotize, #HawaiianDinosaur, Dj OnQ, IQ, The Tomkat, Fart Bucket, Anthrax the Maniac, Oslo Flow, Ultrapitch Man, Mixing Mazinger, Triumph The Turntable Dog, Skratchy Seal and Skratchy Eel! 

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