Demolition Pumpkin Squeeze Musik (Digital Version)


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After competing in the DMC world battles in 1994, Q set out to release his first mixtape. His idea was to bring back the original raw bboy breaks that started hip hop, the way Grand Master Flash and Grand Wizard Theodore used to mix in the mid 80’s (hence the sub title Pre-School meaning before old school) and then update that style with the newer dj skills of the mid 90’s. Sprinkled all over the mix are sound bites from influential movies like Style Wars, Wild Style, and random cartoons from The Jetsons to Spiderman as well as skratching video games like Street Fighter and more. There’s also amazing guest appearances by DJ Shortkut showing off his new “Strobe” juggling technique and DJ Disk demonstrating his fast “Orbit Flares”. Made on 2 turntables, some early Dirt Style records, doubles of Ultimate Breaks & Beats, a DMC PMX2 mixer, 6-track tape recorder and nothing to do for 4 months in his parents’ graffiti filled basement of vinyl walls and posters of rappers w gold chains, DPSM emerged as a unique historic masterpiece with zero rules other than to cater to the hard core true school real hip hop heads. If you’re lucky, (excluding the unauthorized bootleg vinyl version) an original can be found on cassette tape or Japanese import CD with art by Dug One who would later team up again with Q-bert for the movie “Wave Twisters” in 1998.

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