"ORIGINS" Wave Twisters Zero (D Side Digital Album) Uncensored tracks #15-18 from LP + Bonus track #0


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Part 4! We are waaay back in time listening to the origin adventures for these exciting characters from the Wave Twisters inner space universe! Plus a special new bonus track number 0!!!


15. Dreamz
 Aka Honey Drips
Chiropractic expert and sweetest street artist with the power to turn heads so much with her pieces and beauty, that they say necks would crack. Besides crushing walls, she also breaks, writes rhymes, Djs, and for some reason paints b-girl ostriches.


16. Marko D Beast

Aka Invincible Skratch Pixel

Innerspace traveling portablist who gets caught illegally skratching on an asteroid. He gets arrested by Octobots who make him into an example, by downloading his spirit and then uploading it into what they call, a Belly of the Beast.


17. The Worminator 

Aka The Red Worm
Consort of Lord Ook. Travels through wormholes to install food companies like FRESH, to lower a civilization’s health. Hobbies are outlawing all spiritually uplifting arts like graff, breaking, mcing,  & covering up record labels. Can be identified by extremely bad breath & dirty diapers.


18. Suction Cop 

Aka Octobot

Squid-like people taken from aquatic planets for the Worm’s police force. Their brains are re-programmed to keep an eye on a world’s use of any forbidden hip hop arts. Anyone practicing these secret skills, will soon see tentacles on their turntables.



0. Hands of Time

Aka Wave Twister Watch

Journey deep into a secret realm where Father Time resides and where the watch gets it's power. With a sacred Akashic record on the watch, the user can affect objects by controlling time. Use it for creation i.e. by speeding up the aging process of a seed to quickly bloom and bear fruit... or use it for destruction by going beyond an object’s time to disintegrate it.




All thanks to God, and you the fader fans!

Manifested by qb

Track 1. Co produced by DJ Hard Rich

Track 2. Beat by DJ IQ Handroids

Addition Production: Hector Delgado (ASAP) on Dreamz 

All skratching and all other tracks produced by qb

All tracks mixed by Malicious Lee

Megasonic and qb

Art by @morningbreathinc


Management team:







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