Bluetooth Controller Set-Up and Troubleshooting

Congratulations on purchasing the worlds first and only bluetooth controlled dj set up embedded in cover art.  We're sure you are anxious to get it fired up and start mixing.  Read below on just how to set up your bluetooth connection. 


If you feel as though your battery is dead, we are happy to replace at no cost.  Please email us for this inquiry and any further questions at




Initial Set up:

First you need to load the midi mapping file into your iPhone.

To do this:

  1. Download DJAY 2 app and Garage Band
  2. Connect your iOs phone to a computer and open iTunes. 
  3. Click the phone icon at the top left. This will open a new screen about your phone.
  4. In the settings box on the left hand side, click 'Apps'
  5. Scroll down to 'file sharing' and you will find the DJAY app. 
  6. Click the DJAY app, this will open a blank box next to it that says 'DJAY 2 Documents'
  7. Drag and drop the NovDJ file into the box. You can check it is in there for the DJAY app by selecting a different app icon and reselecting the DJ, which should show it. 
  8. Disconnect your phone.


Playing the Decks

Ensure Bluetooth is turned on on your device, and that you are using a 4s or above.

Place the decks on a flat, dry, non conductive surface.

  1. Open Garage Band
  2. Select the small settings icon in the top right hand corner- it looks like a cog
  3. Select 'song' from the Track/Song bar at the top
  4. Scroll down and select 'Advanced' and then 'bluetooth midi devices'
  5. Insert a CR 2016 battery into the battery holder on the DJ Decks print. Ensure the small hole near this in the print is exposed to light, and that you have not placed it on a conductive surface (if you are unsure, place it on the album cover)
  6. Touch the surface of the print. The decks should appear as 'NovDJ', and say 'Not connected'
  7. Press 'Not connected'. If it asks you to pair, click 'pair'.
  8. The decks will take a few seconds to connect, and then it will say 'connected'. 
  9. You can check that it is working at this stage by touching the print, which will cause notes to play in garage band.
  10. Make sure you've turned the volume up!
  11. Quit garage band (you can leave it open but it may play notes in the background..)
  12. Open DJAY and select two songs from your iTunes library, by pressing the little musical plus sign that is on the top left of each mixer on the iPhone screen. This will load songs, and they will play automatically.
  13. You should now be able to scratch and mix the songs using the printed decks. 
  14. If you don't touch it for a while or you quit the app, you may need to reconnect from step 1. 





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