"ORIGINS" Wave Twisters Zero (A Side Digital Album) uncensored tracks #1-5 from the vinyl version!

$ 1.50

Part 1!!!

Travel back in time to hear 5 origin stories for these exciting characters from the Wave Twisters inner space cosmos!!!


1. Time Machinder
Aka Warbot 
Jumbo war mech used to transport troops anywhere, even through time. Enter the cockpit now as we travel way back to find out how all the players in the Wave Twisters universe got their start.


2. Grand Imperial
 Aka Bboy Grandpa
1st owner of the Wave Twisters wrist watch, when it was just a small sundial turntable. Grandpa is the ringleader for an underground traveling circus and searches below the galaxy’s underground sewage cities for b-girls, b-boys, b-creatures, b-bots, etc. to join his show.


3. Vermin
Aka Betrayer
Sinister insectoid working as Bboy Grandpa’s partner. But in secret tries to sabotage the Grand Imperial circus, but it somehow always backfires. Vermin wants to be just like the Red Worm and Lord Ook so bad, that he even glued a fake worm to his belly. 


4. The Detonator
Aka Dental Commander 
Before pretending to be a dentist, he secretly skratches inside the vehicle he drives for Bomb-Boy Explosives. He manages to blow everything up but himself and the tasks he's assigned to. He only took the job because he thought “Bombing" was graff. In the future he will be the one to literally break down the evil worms plans and bring peace back to a tiny atomic particle on a flea’s butt hair. 


5. Smuggler

Aka Contra Bandit

Freelance mercenary and secret trafficker of hard to find records, drum machines, spray cans, fat laces, and all banned hip hop paraphernalia. He also runs a secret site on the dim web called Vague's List. Fireman by trade, and has a passion for burners.





All thanks to God, and you the fader fans!

Manifested by qb

Track 1. Co produced by DJ Hard Rich

Track 2. Beat by DJ IQ Handroids

Addition Production: Hector Delgado (ASAP) on Dreamz 

All skratching and all other tracks Produced by qb

All tracks mixed by Malicious Lee

Megasonic and qb

Art by @morningbreathinc


Management team:







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