Qbert New Album! Next Cosmos In 5D set! (Pre-Order) Art by OS GEMEOS! 3+ record set!

$ 75.00

(Please order separately!
This is a Pre-order… ships September! All record pressing plants were backed up, so thank you in advance for your patience and PLEASE ORDER THIS SEPARATELY from other items in the store to avoid delays on your other items, unless you don’t mind those items coming later with the album).
Update: Arriving  any day now! And shipping asap!
Coming soon!!! Dj Qbert's's upcoming full length album of all new psychedelic skratch madness in the next cosmos!!! Ultra collectible 3 record set of a 12", a 10" and a 7" with amazing covers that are connected and fold out to make one huge poster piece by the galaxy famous OS GEMEOS twins!!! This vinyl collector's version will also have 9 more bonus tracks not found on the digital release!!! Reserve your priceless masterpiece now!!! 

Because of the long wait, Q has added 3 bonus Flexi discs for the deluxe package, adding an extra  6 tracks + 3 Dj Skipless Skratch tools on the backs of the Flexi-discs!! 🎁🎁🎁 It is now a triple album with 30 Tracks for the deluxe package!!
Option 1: Basic 12 inch only album of digital release! (Slightly different than the digital release)!
Option 2: Triple record set 12", 10", and 7" with bonus unreleased tracks not on the digital version!!! 21 tracks!!!
 Option 3: Deluxe version signed by Dj Qbert, 3 record set with 3 added Flexi-discs,  trading cards, etc!!! 18 bonus tracks not on the digital version!!! Total of 30 tracks... Woo!!!
If you are overseas and having problems ordering, try using American Express to override the Covid customs 🛃 Thanks.


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