Superseal 8.4 🐶 Spaghetti Seal Vs Triumph the Turntablist 12” Vinyl!! Super Seal 8

$ 24.00

SUPERSEAL 8.4 Spaghetti Seal Vs Triumph the Turntablist 12”! These 2 roast clowns finally butt heads on this limited wax! Wait till you see the video... it gets ugly in a good way!!! (Peep their collab on the latest Unreleased Dirt Style #31: "Secret Space Program Breaks")! They even put together this bad ass record on killer orange wax after their show!!! Both sides filled with a huge variety of skipless samples for all levels of skratchers (parental guidance suggested)! Plus we love these skipless records with the extra long wide "Aaah" sections!!! Locked end grooves and all the Easter eggs you already know you'll get from a Dirt Style! Grab a few! 🤙🏽These are one of those special rare records that will be increasing in value as time marches on!!! 💰 Only 500 in existence!!! Cover is puzzle piece #4!

Puzzle art by Yedi Fresh

Spaghetti Vs Triumph photo by Spaghetti Seal, after taking Skratchy's camera

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