Superseal G 12” Gold vinyl (White Cover Test)

Sold Out

Woo! SuperSeal Gold! The first gold looking superseal record with real metal inside the wax! But still the same weight and lightness as a perfect Superseal! Produced by Skratchy Seal's rude cousin, Spaghetti Seal! Features all new skipless samples... one side for skratching to electro and half tempo beats! The other side has the funky samples for the mid tempo beats! Limited edition and cover art by Yedi Fresh connects to the partner record: Superseal 6! Get doubles of each so you don't have to rip the covers open to put it all together! Only 750 made! Have fun! 

Signed copies also available! - Get Qbert's + my signature too!

Happy holidays!  ~Skratchy Seal ;)



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