Superseal VII Pro 🔥Left Leg 12” Vinyl!! Melted Mutt part #5

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Woo and more Woo!!! Finally!!! SUPERSEAL VII Pro 12” Left Leg puzzles piece #5 for the Desert Storm Giant Robo! 🤖 Crazy wild skipless skratch samples on one side timed at 100 bpm for the funky tempos and the other side timed at 133 bpm for the uptempo and halftime flows!!! A super tool for the pro skratchers who bust at all tempos!!! Produced by Skratchy Seal because Melted Mutt was in a different dimension! On lovely Purple marble wax! Get a few!!! 🤙🏽These are one of those special rare records that will be increasing in value as time moves on!! 💰 Only 500 in existence!!!

Robo art by East3

Melted Mutt photo by Skratchy Seal

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