"THRASHCAN" from the album "WAVE TWISTERS ZERO: Origins"

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Travel back to the past... way before Rubbish was the friendly rapping medical assistant droid and was just another A.I. (who's mind of course had to be capped, in case it wanted to take over any humanoid worlds in inner space)... He was known back then as the Thrashcan! Programmed to be a pre-invasion scout sharpshooter designed to destroy invading robots, and disguised as a garbage bin who rolled with a squad called the ‘Cans of Woop Ass’! All skilled in the obscure ways of dismantlng mechanical threats and putting a lid on artificial ignorance! Hear this mission of destruction... it's an action packed roller coaster ride of good vs bad bots! Also pay attention because this chapter contains the secret code words for the next episode, where we reveal the origin of another character from the inner universe of Wave Twisters!




Produced/Composed: Q

Art: @morningbreathinc

Label: Galactic Butthair Records

Mixed by: Malicious lee & Q

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