Yogafrog: Warflex Level one

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After years of intense training, Yogafrog finally reveals the secrets to the mastery of skratching. The first of a series of training records, Level 1 tests your speed and control with the fastest beats available on the open market. Skipless skratch sentences include the standard "aaah" and "fresh" as well as short sounds, which require ultimate control. Buyer beware: this record is made to test the limits of the physical and mental aspects of skratching and is intended for serious skratchers only! This is no ordinary break record, this is no ordinary skratch tool. It is the actual record used by DJ QBert for skratch training. Never before has the actual skratch training regimen of the world’s greatest dj ever been released to the public. This record includes skill sets used to develop and control the tempest speed, power, strength, stamina, reflexes, coordination, and endurance in a djs arsenal of skratches!

"It’s like a Formula 1 Race, skratching where every measure is like a tight turn, every execution of a skratch counts, and you can hear every mistake you make…it’s where technique, grace, and power separate the men from the boys." -DJ Qbert, Temple Warplex Disciple


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