"SUCTION COP" from "WAVE TWISTERS ZERO: Origins (single Extended version)


$ 1.00

And again we rewind time long ago to unravel more origins of the Wave Twisters characters! In this prequel episode, we learn about how the Octobots came to be:

🐙 Tricked into joining an army for the right cause, different races of Octopus people from various ocean planets, are trained and enhanced with technology implanted in their brains making them on-land liquid soldiers. 🦑 These super squids eventually forget who they are and become sinister robo police for Lord Ook and The Red Worm who are trying to erase all that is sacred! Find out what happens in the next chapter of the exciting adventures of Wave Twisters Zero "The Origins"! 💥

(This special track is only found as a digital single and on the rare vinyl version of the album. For the digital album, it has been replaced with a new track for the origin of the Wave Twisters wrist watch: "Hands of Time").



Producer: qb

Art: @morningbreathinc

Mixed by Malicious Lee 

Galactic Butthair Records

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