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From the edge of an inner space galaxy found deep within the atoms of a bug’s bottom hair follicle, come the clones know as the Worminators! We go back in time to witness the first invasion of one of their newly modified part worm/humanoid/adult baby pirates known as “The Red Worm”! Controlled by the evil Lord Ook, the worminators are living flesh creatures with trillions of microscopic A.I. swimming through their veins working like a hive mind controlling their host. The Worminators are then operated to destroy anything to do with the secrets of ascension for all humanoid life forms... from hiding the technologies of zero point free energy, anti gravity, regenerative medicine, erasing history, stopping free speech, outlawing dance, etc... all the way down to covering up record labels! The Red Worm’s mission: to travel through wormholes accessing any time, future or past of all worlds and replace the organic creative spiritual life forms with an artificial intelligence incapable of understanding art & creativity... plus he loves to leave his empty drink for you to clean up.

So now enter your time machine and get ready for a multi interdimensional trip within the molecules! Then stay tuned for another Wave Twisters Origin adventure in just a few weeks!


Producer/composer: Q

Art: @morningbreathinc

Exec: Yogafrog 

Label: Galactic Butthair Records


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