8 CYDONIA BREAKS! Unreleased Dirt Style Records Digital Download!


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Use your jump room, space ship or just use this record and take a trip to the Martian city of Cydonia!

Another Unreleased record as digital download, to accompany your Dirt Style Dictionary skratch samples! Full of nasty raw beats with skratch samples at the start of each track for endless fun! This goes out to the really hard core heads that love their beats dusty! Rock a crowd, cypher or practice session! Also download The Fungi Drummer, Strawberry Smart Bomb Breaks, Beats From Planet Zarklon, Rechargeable Bacteria Breaks, Dirt Style's Dirtiest Drums, Obstacle Course, Wild Style Dirt Style Fake Alien Invasion, Project Blue Beam, Mind Control Chip, Antarctic Pyramid, 20 & Back, Psychic Spy, Transhumanism, Lunar Operations Command & Bar-B-Cued Shit Breaks!

Composed, remixed and Arranged for skratchers by Skratchy Seal!

Track 1. Forbidden Spice Produced by: Phazemega

Track 2. Maldek's Moon Produced by: Phazemega

Track 3. Ground Rover Produced by: Phazemega

Track 4. Insectoid vs Reptilian by: Sokbot 

Track 5. The Phaze on Mars by: Phazemega

Track 6. Robot Olympics Produced by: Sokbot & Spaghetti Seal

Track 7. Designed to Attack by: Sokbot


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