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Now Updated! Get the full expanded version 2.0! 

New file available: Turbo Kuts 132 BPM Library! Features all the Doubletime/Halftime Easter Eggs and way more new phrases to Kurt up in alphabetical order! Plus tons of other new sounds, surprises and a bonus drum skratch section not found on the main Dictionary! Perfect for those slow trap beats and uptempo electro beats!

DIRT STYLE RECORDS 30th ANNIVERSARY (digital download version) Introducing the "DIRT STYLE DICTIONARY"!

A new master library of all the greatest skratch sounds from 1992-2022! A world's record: "Longest skratch sample sentence in alphabetical order"! Over 20 minutes and growing! Whew! Let's give a round of applause to Dj Lamb Chop & Grandmaster Pepe the frog for putting this ultra dj tool together!

Now you don’t have to scramble around looking for those samples you need in an instant! With the special 6 separate volumes (which make up the complete Dirt Style Dictionary) you can mark, and jump to your favorite cuts much quicker! You may also get emailed free updates as the Dirt Style Dictionary gets larger!

Timed at 100 bpm w many bonus double/half time easter egg sample sentences at 132 bpm on the tail ends of some letters!

The main huge file (which is the same as the 6 chopped up volumes) have been edited for skratch perfection! As soon as you release a sample, a new one plays on beat! Great for training and that pleasurable platter play! There is also a shorter 12 minute clean version with no bad words and a different arrangement for the kiddies!

Art: ig @eli_has_nice_hair


FYI: If you're a pro skratcher, we recommend the 6 chopped up versions for full accurate freedom. Unless your controller is top o' the line, high speed to the max and all that. Sometimes it's hard for certain computers to handle a super long skratch sentence. Otherwise, you're good to go with any of the files so have fun!

Love yall' ~ Skratchy Seal


WE INTERRUPT WITH A SPECIAL NEWS ALERT!!! This just in from Darth Fader:

A new bonus free beat section has just been added to compliment the DSR 30th! It is also now a part of the "UNRELEASED DIRT STYLE RECORDS" collection! These are secret beat records that have never been pressed to vinyl but are available here on thudrumble.co!  Download and collect them all!

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