Superseal 8.1 🤖🤖 Sokbot Vs Clone of Sokbot 12” Vinyl!! Super Seal 8


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Oh Yes!!! SUPERSEAL 8.1 Sokbot Vs Clone of Sokbot 12” 🤖 🤖 All kinds of amazing Skratch samples guaranteed to rock the house! Locked end grooves and all the surprises! Produced by Sokbot's clone while Sokbot took a nap!l! On lovely multi-colored marbled wax! No two are alike (except for Sokbot's clone)!!! Get a few! 🤙🏽These are one of those special rare records that will be increasing in value as time moves on!! 💰 Only 500 in existence!!! Cover is puzzle piece #1!


Puzzle art by Yedi Fresh

Sokbot vs Sokbot photo by Skratchy Seal

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